Company Intro

Company Intro

Optical Solutions Leading the Future
KEOC produces various types of optical products made with the standard/customized production methods. The company is a global optical specialist leading the high-tech special lenses and related components in the optical field.
Korea Electro-Optics Overview
Founded in 1981 as a joint venture of CVI Laser, Korea Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. (KEOC) is a manufacturing company specialized in precision optical parts, and carries out the entire process from optical design, polishing, coating, and assembly with its cutting-edge technology. The company has been producing and supplying core optical parts for manufacturers of high-power laser parts, semiconductor, display, and biomedicine as well as national research institutes and leading universities in South Korea among other customers. Based on the technology accumulated over the past forty years, the company has developed and supplied optical components for satellite cameras, tanks, and unmanned surveillance robot systems, expanding its scope to aerospace and advanced defense industries.
KEOC, which has grown into an optical company that supplies customized products to various needs of customers, based on its full-time employees’ commitment to challenging technology development and continuous R&D investment to secure cutting-edge technology, is constantly striving to become a company that provides the best services to customers.
Based on these efforts, we promise to grow into a company that inspires trust to our customers in the future.

CEO Message

KEOC’s Footsteps
toward the Future
KEOC produces various types of optical products made with the standard/customized production methods. The company is a global optical specialist leading the high-tech special lenses and related components in the optical field.
CEO Message
Founded in 1981, Korea Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. (KEOC) is leaping forward as a top-notch company in optics through continuous R&D and quality innovation.
KEOC was established in 1981 based on highly skilled technical personnel equipped with innovative know-how in precision processing fields such as optics lens, thin film coating, and assembly.
Since its establishment, the company has maintained partnership through optical products in close cooperation with a number of overseas customers as well as major domestic optical companies. KEOC has grown into the only company in Korea equipped with a one-stop-system from lens processing to assembly based on high-level technical manpower and technology.
Through continuous R&D and quality innovation based on ‘open mind’, ‘trusted action’, and ‘transparent process’, our Company will quickly respond to constant industry changes and customer needs to become a top-notch company in optics. We will do our best to provide the best value to our customers.
In addition, we promise to fulfill our social responsibilities through social contribution activities to practice the value of win-win and the philosophy of sharing.
Please continue to watch over us with warm interest and give us a lot of encouragement and advice.
You, Hae-gwi | CEO

Mission & Vision

A company recognized as the No. 1 partner by providing the best value to customers based on innovative technology
A strong global company leading the optical solution of the 4th industrial revolution
A new start toward achieving a strong company!
Core Capabilities
Best technology / manpower
Customer-oriented marketing / sales
Market readiness
KEOC 2024
Strategic Goals
1. No. 1 optical company in sales in 2024
2. 50% of sales in modules


2019 KEOC moved to a new office building.
2018 LWS Simulators
SWIR lens assembly
LASER weapon assembly
2017 KEOC acquired by SSNewTech (KOREA)
2011 Merged to IDEX Corporation (USA)
2008 Merged to CVI Melles Griot (optical component supplier to Samsung Display)
2007 Mass production of thermal imaging components for Anti-Aircraft Guns (BIHO)
2004 IR optics production launched
2002 ISO 9001:2000 acquired
2000 Mass production of optical pick-up lenses for DVD (Samsung & LG)
Nov. 7, 1981 Korea Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. established (as the Korean business unit of CVI)


Ethical Management

Ethical Management
Korea Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. (the “KEOC” or the “Company”): shares its ‘management policy’ established by the executives under the ‘corporate philosophy’ sought for by the company; respects the order of free competition and the principle of fair competition; enhances its corporate value through management activities in compliance with all the local and national laws and regulations; and seeks for common prosperit with all the interest groups and stakeholders.
Ethics Charter
“We: share our ‘management policy’ established by the executives under the ‘corporate philosophy’ sought for by the company; respect the order of free competition and the principle of fair competition; enhance our corporate value therough management activities in compliance with all the local and national laws and regulations; and seek for common prosperit with all the interest groups and stakeholders.”
(1) The term of ‘sharing its ‘management policy’ established by the executives under the ‘corporate philosophy’ sought for by the company’ means that the company must clearly establish its purpose and goals to be sought for by it and deliver its expectations of the company and its executives from its employees so that the predictability of businesses will be enhanced. This shows that, in carrying out its busiensses and making its decisions, the company maintains a ‘procedural justice’ to secure transparancy of management and puts emphasis on corporate responsibilities of the company as a social existence in its value and
(2) The term of ‘respecting the order of free competition and the principle of fair competition’ means to accept marke principles of free competition through fair and transparent competition sought for in the world ecomomy and make a fair competition with rivals in domestic and overseas market as a principle of its business.
(3) The term of ‘corporate activities in compliance with all the laws and regulations’ means to comply with all the laws, regulations, ordinances and international norms of all the countries and local societies where the company engages in its businesses, respect for the spirit thereof and transactional practices and carry out corporate activities in a rightful manner.
(4) The term of ‘enhancement of corporate value’ means that the company, as social existence, must efficiently operate the resources owned by it and enhance its value so that the company will be able to have the ‘legitimacy and legality’ to exist in the society.
(5) The term of ‘seeking for common prosperity with all the interest groups and stakeholders’ means that, with the wealth and value generated by it, the company carries out a ‘social function’ for enhancing the welfare of all the interest groups and stakeholders (including customers, shareholsers and investors, employees, partners, local community and government), which have conflicting expectations, needs and desires and constitute the company, and all the employees of the company faithfuly play these roles in making their decisions and carrying out their activities so that the company will: have ethical competititiveness; be prosper along with the interest groups and stakeholders based on mutual trust and cooperation; and be able to maintain corporate continuity of the company, a complex system consisting of its interest groups and stakeholders.

“For these policies, the company promises and pledges to establish and actively practice its ethical norms for its officers and employees as a standard of rightful value judgment and the principle of action.”

(1) The ‘ standard of rightful value judgment and the principle of action’ means that the corporate philosophy and ethical norms established by the company must become a ‘principle’ of all the decision making and action to be sympathized with all the employees including its CEO and be carried out related to the corporate act of the company, which shows that those standards and principle are a kind of ‘noble value’ not to be damaged or compromised at any time.
(2) The ‘establishment of ethical norms’ is to set a standard for the way to do rightful acts and suggest roles and responsibilities of the company and its employees to the interest groups and stakeholders. Those ethical norms will become the principle of decision making and action of the company and its employees and, in carrying out their daily duties under such norms, all the employees will form a corporate culture and gain a strong ethical reputation.
(3) The ‘promise and pledge to actively practice’ means that the ethical norms of the company will never end with slogan or declaration, but there are ‘obligations and responsibilities’ to be practiced without fail as a matter of pledge made by the company and its employees to the interest groups, stakeholders and society. For this, the company must establish and operate a ‘implementation system,’ and the employees’ practice of that pledge is a condition to their continuing employment.
Ethical Norms
‘Ethical norms’ are a matter of practice for accomplishing a corporate philosophy, suggest ‘how the rightful things are to be carried out’ and enumerate detailed standards of behavior under basic spirit and principle to be complied with by the company and its employees to the interest groups and stakeholders.
1. Roles and Responsibilities to Customers
– We put the customer satisfaction and customer trust at the top of our value.
(1) We respect human dignity all the humans have regardless of the transactions with us. ‘Human dignity’ means that each individual has a value and divineness as a ‘human is not a means for satisfying many people’s right or others’ goal but an end. In making any decision and taking an action to all the many and unspecified persons, we must always take into account of the factor of human dignity.
(2) This is our proposition that ‘ a company exists for providing its customers with a value satisfiable to the customers.’ It must be a value and goal pursued by us that we make our best effort in providing the best products and services desired and satisfied by the customers.
(3) We must give our customers a faith that ‘we exist only for the customers,’ and we earn customers’ trust through this and out future depends on this. In addition, we serve various customers in the market, and we must understand and respect for the culture, custom, tradition and values owned by the customers.
(4) The company must comply with the laws and regulations on the protection of customer information and continue to inspect and improve the work process for protecting customer information including adoption of preliminary impact evaluation system of customer information at the stage of product development.
(5) Unless otherwise consented by the customer or permitted by the laws, the company does not use for other purposes than the one for which customer information is provided or provide to a 3rd party its customer information.
2. Company’s Roles and Responsibilities to the Employees
– We respect the human dignity of each individual members of the company and make our best effort in improving the quality of their lives.
(1) Each individual employee of the company has a ‘dignity as a human,’ and he or she is the most important asset of the company. In addition, a fierce survival competition without border takes place in world market, and the world is the business field of our company. So, this means that we respect for the human dignity of our employees and do not discrimination in securing personnel resources based on their sex, educational background, region of origin, religion, race, nationality, and disability.
(2) The company must create a workplace environment where the employees can work autonomically and freely show their creativity, provide safe and pleasant working condition where they can fulfill their duties at ease, actively support them for cultivating talented employees, establish and operate education/training system and personnel management system under which the company fairly treat and compensate them based on their ability and performance.
(3) The wealth created by the company is the outcome which is earned from the effort made with the employees. In addition, the employee’s leading a comfortable and rich family life is directly related to the work competency. This means that the company must make its best effort in operating a welfare and benefit system under which its employees and their family can enjoy a decent cultural life.
3. Roles and Responsibilities to Partners
– We seek for common development with our partners based on mutual trust.
(1) The competitiveness of partners is the very competitiveness of us. It leads to our competitiveness that we discover and cultivate competitive partners and, in selecting our partners, we need to give them fair opportunities, cooperate with and support for them in having competitiveness.
(2) This means that the company needs to recognize its partners as a ‘ companion to work and live together for mutual benefit’ rather than just an account supplying products or services and puts its best efforts in forming cooperative relationship with them based on mutual ‘trust.’
(3) In doing business with the partners, the company shall establish and operate a fair and transparent trading process, maintain stable and long-term business relations, accept and respect their justifiable request and opinion.
4. Fair Competition with Rival Companies
– We respect the principle of free competition and take the initiative in sound industrial development.
(1) Fair and transparent competition is a flow of world economy. Fair competition can improve the quality of products and services, satisfy customers best and enhance overall national wealth.
(2) The company does not collude with rival companies in production, pricing, bidding, and market share or consult with them about the price, bidding, customers, sales region and sales conditions for the purpose of collusion.
(3) This means that the company makes its best effort in establishing a competition order for enhancing the efficiency and economic feasibility of market function in its competition with rival companies and puts its best efforts in securing competitive advantage through legitimate way.
5. Roles and Responsibilities for Nation and Society
– We actively make a contribution to sound development of nation and society and environmental protection.
(1) A company must grow ‘in harmony with the society’ as an important entity constituting a society. This means that the company must comply with all the laws and regulations as a corporate citizen in all regions where it engages in its businesses and perform its obligations and responsibilities as requested by the society.
(2) The company must grow as a sound one by efficiently operating the technologies, incormation, knowledge, personnel and resources owned by it and make a contribution to sound development and welfare enhancement in all the regions where it engages in its businesses.
(3) The company puts its best efforts in complying with international standards, applicable laws and regulations and internal rules on environmental protection.
(4) The company actively participates in environment improvement activities through minimization of harmful substances generation, efficient use of resources and recycling of wasted products.
(5) The company puts its best efforts in protecting environment in its all business activities including development, production, distribution, sales and disposal of its products.
6. Employees’ Roles and Responsibilities to the company
– We sympathize with the corporate philosophy sought by the company and fullfil our roles and responsibilities.
(1) If each of all the employees actively puts his or her best effort in sympathizing and realizing the ‘corporate philosophy’ sought by the company, the ‘corporate spirit’ will be established and ‘ethical corporate culture’ will be formed so that the company will have a strong competitiveness.
(2) The employees must keep in mind that the company will gain good reputation and the future of company will be decided by the decision making of and action taken by each employee every day. Thus, in carrying out his or her duties, the employee must cleary recognize his or her role, authority, responsibility and obligation accompanied with those duties and ‘properly behave’ based on his or her sound judgment in the principle of honesty, faithfulness, fairness and transparency.
(3) We must put our best effort in having ability to recognize and cope with the flow of changes from a global perspective. Thus, in completing their missions, all the employees must not only comply with all the laws and regulations inclduing international norms, the regulations and system of the company but also recognize, respect and comply with the rules, ethical code and control system of the opposite party in domestic and overseas transactions.
Report of Unethical Acts
Unethical Acts

– Receipt and offering of bribery, money and valuables, and entertainment and committing of an act for unfair profits related to the duties such as embezzlement and dereliction of duty
– Misconduct related to personnel matters such as promotion, employment and transference
– Leakage of corporate secret and customer information
– Unethical behavior of external interest group and stakeholders related to the company
– Other acts violating ethical code of the company

How to Report
Email: / Seo, Jang-hoon, Senior manager
Tel.: +82 32-680-6188
Direct visit or interview someone in charge of ethical management
Report under real name : Anonymity is guaranteed for real name of informant and the informant will be discharged from responsitility and, for leniency applicant, anonymity is guaranteed and he or she will be discharged from responsibility at maximum.
Report under non-real name : False and slanderous report will not be received even if we will take into account of factual basis.

Quality Management

Quality & Environmental Management System Integrated Management Policy
1. Best services for customers
2. Quality assurance as required by customers
3. We grow into a professional optical company with the best quality competitiveness by setting the active pursuit of excellence as our quality policy, establishing a quality system, realizing customer satisfaction, and through continuous quality improvement and product reliability.
4. We will soar into a world-class eco-friendly company that respects people and nature through continuous environmental preservation, pollution prevention and improvement activities inside and outside our production sites.
5. Everyone participates in establishing and improving the company’s unique safety culture awareness and behavior by preventing disasters in advance and creating a pleasant working environment.
6. We will efficiently use resources and energy required to effectively implement quality/environmental management activities and carry out continuous improvement activities.

Corporate Identity

C(100%) M(93%) Y(37%) K(43%)
Colors for Korean
C(100%) M(93%) Y(37%) K(43%)
Colors for English
C(0%) M(0%) Y(0%) K(82%)
Grey Hue for Korean/English



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