Precision Optical Modules

Coaxial Vision Laser Processing Module

– Minimized back reflection

– Real-time monitoring

– Product position alignment

– Laser beam trajectory editing

– Automatic image & laser beam position correction 


– Secondary battery welding and notching

– Semiconductor, PCB and automobile microprocessing: Welding, marking, cutting, soldering, etc.

Motorized Beam Expander Telescope(MBET)


– 1X ~ 4X, 2X ~ 8X

Applicable wavelengths

– 343nm, 355nm, 515nm, 532nm, 1030nm, 1064nm

Cooled / Uncooled IR camera module

– Long Wavelength Infrared(LWIR) surveillance camera

– VGA(640 * 512) / 15 um sensor applied

– Focal length 200 mm

2D & 3D Vision Inspection Module

– Semiconductor/Display/Vision inspection module for secondary battery

– Inspection Optical System by lens/camera/light

– Various vision inspection systems (Telecentric lens/Macro Lens/Microscopy)

Lens Assembly

Large Telecentric Objectives

– Notching & cutting of display cells and thin films through Galvo-Scanner

– Large area micro laser processing

– Large area scan greater than 300*300mm

– Customization design of the product and production

F-theta Lens

– Laser processing applications : Marking, welding, drilling, soldering and cutting

– Applicable to various wavelengths from UV to IR (266nm ~ 1080nm)

– Customization design of the product and production

Laser Window / Optical Flats
KEOC provides laser windows with various laser specifications through its excellent polishing technology and coating recipes of various wavelengths.

– Substrate Material
UV Grade Fused Silica, CaF2 , MgF2 , BK7, ZnSe, Sapphire, Ge, Crystal Quartz, Other material is available– Surface Quality, Surface Flatness
10-5 Laser Quality, l/20 at 633nm
– Damage Threshold
20J/cm2, 8nsec @ 1064nm typical
– Low loss, High damage threshold AR coatings available

Laser Mirror
KEOC laser mirrors guarantee high damage threshold and are capable of ultra-high reflective coating (R>99.9%)

– Output Coupler Mirrors (Partially Reflecting Mirrors)

– Femtosecond Laser Mirrors

Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 & Nd:YLF Laser Mirrors

– Solid State Laser Mirrors & Gas Laser Mirrors

– Excimer Laser Mirrors

– Broadband Metal & Dielectric Mirrors

Special Mirrors and Large Optics

– Large window processing for ELA & LLO over 2000mm length

– Spherical lens processing over 500mm dia.

– Measurement system for large area by the 18inch interferometer.

OAP(Off-Axis Parabola) Mirror

-Simultaneous alteration of the beam path & focus.

-Material: Aluminum, Glass, Fused Silica, Ceramic,  ZERODUR®

-Coating: Metal(Au, Ag, Al), Dielectric HR

-Size: up to 400mm Diameter (Negotiable)

-Applications: High-energy laser research, Laser weapon

Cylindrical Lens

– Being used to compress, focus or expand the light in a single dimension.

– Applications for laser scanners, holography, optical information processing, spectroscopy, dye laser, and scanning focal microscopes.

– Capability of production for large cylindrical lens greater than 1500mm applicable for LLO & Annealing.

– Substrate Material
UV Grade Fused Silica, CaF2 , MgF2 , BK7, ZnSe, SF11, Other material is available
– Surface Quality & Surface Figure
20-10 Laser Quality, l/4 at 633nm
– Low loss, High damage threshold AR coatings available

Multi-Element Lens
Multi-element lenses are the ideal solution for applications that require professional performance and a high level of aberration correction. Our multi-element lens line includes doublets, triplets, and assemblies to meet the diverse requirements in delivering near-diffraction limited performance. Our chromatic aberration-removing lenses, spherical aberration-eliminating lenses, and objectives are designed to minimize all sources of wavefront distortion for the best beam quality and minimal focal spot size.

Defense & Aerospace Precision Optics

Sapphire Front Window
Sapphire transparent window. As its transmission involves minimal wavefront aberration of visible, near-infrared and mid-infrared rays, it serves to maintain optical performance and protect internal optical components.
Material : Sapphire
Size : 300mmdia (Negotiable)
Surface accuracy : 15nm(rms) 300mmdia / at 633nm (TWE)
Coating : VIS / NIR / MWIR Durable anti-reflection coating
Dual Band Front Window
Penetration window made with a ZnS material. As its transmission involves minimal wavefront aberration of visible, near-infrared and mid-infrared rays, it serves to maintain optical performance and protect internal optical components.
Material : ZnS-Cleartran (multi-spectral)
Size : 400mmdia (Negotiable)
Surface accuracy : 30nm(rms) 300mmdia / at 633nm (TWE)
Coating : VIS / NIR / MWIR Durable anti-reflection coating
Front Window for Electro-optic Tracking Equipment
Ge (night window) far-infrared light, BK7 (day window) visible/near-infrared transmission window. Its transmission involves minimal wavefront aberration, thereby maintaining optical performance and protecting internal optical components.
Material : BK7(Day window), Ge(Night window)

Surface accuracy : 60nm (rms)
per 100mmdia at 633nm

Coating : Ge window, LWIR DLC/ Anti-reflection coating
N-BK7 window – VIS / NIR Durable
anti-reflection coating
Optical Products for Day and Night Monitoring Equipment
– Processing various materials of spherical and aspherical lense.
– Ultra-precision processing and measurement can be provided for special cases.
Material : Glass, Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, Chalcogenide, CaF2
Size : 5mm~300mmdia (Negotiable)
Surface accuracy : 20~30nm(rms) 300mmdia / at 633nm (TWE)
Coating : VIS / NIR / MWIR / LWIR Durable anti-reflection coating

Precision Optical Design and Others

We provide optical solutions optimized for customer needs through optical design and performance prediction based on various optical design experiences, processing, assembly, and know-how.

Precision Optical System Design

– F – theta Lens Design
– Beam Expander Design
– Zoom Lens Design
– TTL Vision Lens Design
– Machine Vision Design
– Camera Lens Design
– Lithography Lens Design
– Optics Mount Design
– Optical Mechanic Design
– Vibration and Thermal Analysis

Customized Service

We handle only the fields that are especially necessary for ultra-precision processing, measurement, and coating. Contact us to have a sales person address your business needs.
1. Coatings

Ion Beam Sputtering

– Wavelength(nm) : 240nm – 3000m
– Φ370 * 2 Fixture, Φ450 * 1 Fixture
• Material(Target) : 4 Zone Target
– Ta/Si, Hfo2/Sio2, Al/Si
• Control Methods : broadband optical monitoring(BBOM)
• High Reflection Laser mirror/Broadband AR coating
• High performance Spectral filter/Special coating

Advantages of IBS

• High durability
• High Laser damage threshold
• High reflectance & High transmittance
• Low losses
• High packing density and No spectral shift

High Reflectivity Measurement
Reflectometer/Loss Meter[CRD]

High-precision high reflectivity measurement compared to reflection + transmission + absorption measurement
– High reflectivity measurement using resonator method [355,532,1064nm]
– High-reflection mirror’s reflectivity of 99.9995% can be measured.
– Lens measurement at various angles of incidence: 5-45º
– Measurement of s and p-pol

Reference page : GLACIER®

2. Advanced Processing & Measurement Areas (MRF, ASI, IBF )

CNC Grinding machine (G1-2P)

Benefits :

CNC Polisher (MCP 251)

Benefits :

MRF (Q-flex 300)

Benefits :

 Reference Pages :  Q-flex 300 :

                                       MRF Application :

ASI (ASI(Q)-VON, Freeform)

Benefits :

Reference Pages : ASI(Q) :

                                     ASI(Q) application :

IBF (Optomill 2000)

Benefits :

3. Precision Assembly: Eccentricity Measuring Instrument

– Maximum measured diameter: 400mm
– Lens centering measurement accuracy : 0.1μm
– Lens centering measurement: 40 surfaces (20 lenses)
– Air Gap Measurement : 800mm
– Effective Focal Length (EFL)
– Back Focal Length (BFL)
– Radius of curvature
– IR lens & cylindrical lens measurement
– Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) on-axis
– Aspheric eccentricity measurement

Manufacturing Tolerance Chart

  Commercial(A,B) Precision(A,B,C) High precision
Diameter(mm) +0/-0.100 +0/-0.025 +0/-0.010
Center thickness(mm) ±0.100 ±0.050 ±0.020
SAG(mm) ±0.05 ±0.025 ±0.01
Clear Aperture 85% 90% 90%
Tolerance of radius of curvature (larger of two) ±0.1%/5fr ±0.05%/3fr ±0.02%/1fr
Irregularity-interferometer(PV) 1λ, λ/2 λ/4, λ/6, λ/10 λ/20
Centering (Beam deviation) 3 arcmin 1 arcmin 0.3 arcmin
Scratch Dig 60-40 / 40-20 40-20 / 20-10 / 10-5 10-5
Surface Roughness( rms) 10 7 5
  Commercial Precision High precision
Diameter(mm) ±0.10 ±0.05 ±0.03
Center thickness(mm) ±0.10 ±0.05 ±0.01
Tolerance of radius of curvature (larger of two) ±0.1%/5fr ±0.05%/3fr ±0.02%/1fr
Surface form (Irregularity, PV) 2um λ/2 λ/8
Rotational invariant irregularity 0.8um λ/4 λ/12
RMS irregularity (RMSi) 0.6um λ/6 λ/30
Slope tolerance 180arcsec/1mm 40arcsec/1mm 12arcsec/1mm
Edge thickness variation 25um 15um 5um
Tilt angle of the aspheric surface to the second surface 2.5 arcmin 1.0 arcmin 0.5 arcmin
Lateral displacement of the aspheric to the edge of the lens 0.02mm 0.015mm 0.01mm
MIL-Scratch/Dig 60-40 40-20 20-10
Surface Roughness(rms) 3.0nm 2.0nm 0.5nm
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